Our Idea

Without any doubt there are already many organizations and institutions working in Africa and Ethiopia.

Why is there an association that focuses on such as small area?

Simply because we have personal connections to Axum, and therefore want to help to develop this area. From our contacts we learn exactly in what sectors help is most urgently needed and what exactly our donations are used for – so we receive regular updates about the realization of our projects. Therefore we can be sure that our donations are used as intended and are not abused.

Initially this Idea came from the headmaster of a school in Lower Saxony, who wanted to provide aid directly, without involving big charity organizations through a Parents-Association at his school. He was in close touch to Negassty Abraha, a founding member of Hawelti e.V., discussing the Hawelti School in Axum as a possible aid project. The Parents Association at his school, however, chose to support another project within their own school. But these many conversations made more than clear, that Hawelti School in Axum was in desperate need of aid.

Thus a private initiative arose. In the beginning, activities were slow and a little meagre, however, as time went by it picked up pace and gained more support. For an overview of some of the things we have accomplished, see the section achievements.

The response to those achievements – in Axum and over here – encouraged us further. Very soon we figured out, that there were many areas besides the school in and around Axum, where support is needed. So, finally, the private initiative developed into a registered association.

To learn more about our future plans for the Hawelti-School and more about our projects, click here.