Town Twinning

For some time now we were thinking that would be good for Axum and Nuremberg to work together on a twin town basis.


Because Nuremberg sees itself as an „International House“such a partnership would be a wonderful cultural extension. Just like Axum, Nuremberg, also has a long history of tradition. Axum developed during medieval times and became one of the most influential cities in the Aksumite Empire. It is therefore fitting that, in 1980, Axum had been added to the UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list.

Axum is already twined with Denver, the result of this has been a developing working relationship between the citizens of these two cities. This was also a main topic of conversation with the mayor of Axum during our last visit there. We received a letter from the mayor of Axum for the mayor of Nuremberg (Dr. Ulrich Maly) in which the interest of a closer working relationship on a town twinning level was affirmed.

Treffen mit dem Bürgermeister von AxumThe road from a show of interest to an actual twin town relationship however can be a long one, especially as other African cities are seeking the same goal. This encourages us even more to support the city of Axum. We are happy to assist the city of Nuremberg by way of our personal contacts and knowledge of the language.

The two cities can learn from each other and benefit from a town twinning.

Why are we stand for a town twinning

The main goal of Hawelti e.V. is to help the people of Axum to become self-reliant. This means finding ways, together with the people in Axum, to improve their job and life situation by using their own resources. A twinning is, in our opinion, an important step in that direction.

Termin bei Bürgermeister Vogel am 18.02.2015Apart from that, we want to bring the Ethiopian culture closer to the people in Germany. We have already organised several such events; for instance our original Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and international brunches.

It is the decision of the City Council, whether Nuremberg is willing to strike up a 15th town twinning, whether this would be from Africa and which town this would be. We will do everything to convince the city council that Axum would be a good choice.

Please support us if you think that Axum would be a good twin town for Nuremberg

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